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Hard to find developers in South Korea
Developers shortage in 2022
Growth rate of shortage for the last 2 years
±1 month
Takes to hire one developer (at least)
Hard to find junior and experienced developers - especially for startups.
5 years +
> 50%
Developers are hard to find (less than a couple interviews per month)
More developers change jobs every year rather than stay in the same company
Afraid to hire remote developers due to lack of trust and management costs.
On the other side, about 86 million workers in APAC need to be upskilled or reskilled with advanced digital skill (The Economist). So there is more and more demand in re-skilling and for developers there are big shortage worldwide – from South Korea (20,000 shortage in 2021) to US (4 million developers by 2025).
What is HABSIDA?
HABSIDA provides reskilling/upskilling education to Asians talents (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, India, etc) and connect them with South Korean companies.
HABSIDA connecting people from Asia to Korean companies
«합시다» (Korean) = «Let's do it». Hence, we want to HABSIDA your success together!
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Asian developers advantages
  • High level of technical education

    With prestigious technical universities and educational programs that provide students with a high level of technical training, IT professionals have the quality knowledge and skills necessary for effective software development.
  • Hard work and diligence

    Asian IT developers usually exhibit a high level of professionalism and are willing to work long hours to achieve their goals
  • Competitive fees

    In some Asian countries, pay levels for IT professionals can be lower than in Korea. This allows you to get quality development at lower rates
Only the necessary technology stack from our developers
Frontеnd, South Korea
Technology Stack: JavaScript, React, Angular
Frontеnd, South Korea
Technology Stack: JavaScript, React, Angular
Frontеnd, South Korea
Technology Stack: JavaScript, React, Angular
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