I don't speak Korean
We require either spoken Korean or spoken English. Of course, knowing Korean at least at a conversational level is desirable. However, most of our graduates do not know it, which does not prevent them from getting a job and working in Korean companies:)
I have never programmed
It's okay - most of those who go through our program are the same. We will help you master the profession at a level sufficient for employment.
I don't have a specialized education
Programming is almost the only profession in which specialized education is not mandatory. Programming skills and knowledge will allow you to find a job without higher education.
I don't have a higher education
This is not a problem, since the main thing in employment is to show your skills and knowledge. However, other work experience can also be an advantage.
I am very young, will they hire me?
You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of graduation. Our youngest graduate was a little over 20 years old at the time of graduation and there were no problems in finding employment.
I'm not young anymore, will they hire me?
Life experience is also valued by companies. Our most experienced graduate was over 40, which did not prevent him from finding a job.
I am not in Korea
Training takes place entirely online. As you complete your studies, you will have to come to Korea to find a job and pass an interview.
What if I graduate but can't find a job?
97% of graduates get a job as they graduate. We also actively support and help to find employment, including with our partners. If you still can't find a job, then you will be free from all obligations.
How will I study?
The training takes place completely online, and you can study at a convenient time for you. On the platform, you will study theoretical materials, articles, videos and solve tasks on the topic. You will also be provided with a personal mentor who will help and support you throughout the entire period of study After you have completed the topic, the mentor (each time different) conducts a knowledge test and code review Once every two weeks - a group call with all the students and the lead.

Lessons are conducted entirely online on our platform. You watch materials, watch videos, answer tests, and most importantly, solve problems. There are a lot of them and they are heavy) But a mentor (with experience in Korea) will come to your aid (in addition to classmates)."

How long should I pay for education?
If you do not get a job, then all the training is at our expense. Payment starts after you get a job as a programmer. You notify us of this, provide an agreement with the employer and we invoice you at the end of each month in the amount of 17% of wages after taxes (net) for two years.
Do I have a chance to be selected?
Fill out an application on our website, we will send you a test task. After filling it out, there will be an interview and after its successful completion, we will send you a contract for approval. After signing, we will add you to our community and provide access to our platform.
What if I can't complete a test task?
It's okay - most of our students have either never programmed or have been programming for a very long time. Together with the test task, we will provide you with links to free resources, where, having worked out on your own, it will be easy to solve this task. Also, for those who wish, we provide access to our platform with a personal mentor for a month for ₩300,000, where you can learn the basics of Java, which is easily enough to complete the task.
How do you help me to find a job?
After completing the program, the mentor will review all your knowledge, and our specialist will help you create a competitive resume and tell you where to place it. Plus, we'll run you through common interview questions and tell you how to behave in interviews. In addition to this, we will provide vacancies directly from our partners who are ready to invite you now. There are about 10 such companies now, but by the time you graduate, there will be more than 50.
How much will I have to study?
We require our students to dedicate 25 hours per week to their studies. This is, for example, two hours a day and all weekends. At this rate, after 6 months, you will already be able to get a job as a programmer.
How much will I be my salary after education?
Our graduates have the first salary in the amount of 32-40 million won per year (about 2.3 - 3.0 million per month net). But this is only the beginning, more to come)
How long will it take me to find a job?
On average it takes from 2 to 6 weeks.
Do all graduates find jobs?
Currently 92% of our graduates find job.
Will I get real project experience?
Yes, the last part of our education process is real commercial project where you will get the experience to work in a real development team.
I don't like 17% term. Why is so high?
It is an industry standard worldwide however, we are giving our graduates opportunity to pay off the fixed amount at any point of time after graduation. In this case, 17% will be no longer deducted. The amount of this one time payoff will be revealed at agreement stage to successful candidates.
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