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Who we are?
Habsida — first cross border coding school in South Korea
HABSIDA is founded by foreigner developers in South Korea to solve both developers shortage in South Korea as well as improve life of fellow foreigners.
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We are working together with KATA Academy —
our older brother in Europe
We cooperate with 100+ companies and startups
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Kickstart Your Career As A Developer In South Korea
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We will guide you the whole way, from contacting us to your first day of work
Мы помогаем с поиском работы и переездом в Южную Корею для IT-специалистов
Our alumni from different countries are keen to help
Want to become a developer, but don't know how?
Take a 4-month Habsida course and learn coding from zero to professional
Want to know how to find the best developer job and be confident in job interviews?
We will upgrade your resume and interview skills
Wish to move to Korea as a digital nomad?
We help IT specialists like you to move to Korea
Can't find a job because you don't have higher education?
No worries! Korean companies will hire developers without a special university degree
Korea in Numbers
The best way to improve your professional skills
and increase your value
Number of tutors helping students
to improve their English
Java developers in Korea earn over $3,500 monthly after 2-3 years of experience
The lack of developers
is a big problem in Korea
How it works
You will master the necessary knowledge in 6-8 months of intensive studies under the mentor's supervision
Get hired
We will help you create a competitive resume and prepare for the job interview
Pay for the results
Once you get a job, you start paying 17% of your salary for 2 years
Continue getting support
Habsida alumni community will support you all the way through
Why South Korea?
Южная Корея славится своими инновационными продуктами в разных сферах. В 2021 году страна снова вошла в ТОП5 стран по инновациям и развитию цифровой экономики (всего 132 страны).
Лидер инноваций
Нехватка специалистов за счет активного развития IT компаний, поддержки государства и очень низкой степенью аутсорсинга. В 2022 году по оценкам нехватка специалистов - 15,000 человек.
Дефицит специалистов
Южная Корея - лидер в Азии (2ое место в мире после Дании) по ИТ инфраструктуре включая скорость интернета, кибербезопасность, использование цифровых технологий.
IT инфраструктура
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