JavaScript developer (front-end)
JavaScript (HTML, CSS, JS, React, Redux) is the most popular Frontend development language (client part programming). If it is important for you to see the result of your work immediately, this language is for you.

JavaScript is used for development and maintenance of:
* Web Interfaces
* High-load servers
* Progressive web applications
* Applications for PCs
Course Plan
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WEB CORE — 2 months
At this stage you will learn the basics of creating interfaces on the web.

Topic 1: HTML document structure, block model, basic tags. Selecting the image format.

Topic 2: Semantic markup, accessibility and SEO.

Topic 3: Working with forms, interacting with the server.

Topic 4: CSS page styling: selectors and application priority, positioning, working with grids (flexbox, grid).

Topic 5: Adaptive layout: Media queries, mobile first approach.

Topic 6: Organization of styles on a project, BEM methodology.

Topic 7: Advanced CSS techniques: Styling pseudo-elements, animations, shadows and gradients.

Topic 8: Animations, transformations and filters using CSS.

Topic 9: Basic JavaScript interaction with a page, event handling. Connecting external modules.

Topic 10: Development tools: Using a preprocessor, code minification, npm, webpack.
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  • Andrey
    Mentor Habsida
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