Java developer (back-end)
Java is used to write a server part of highly loaded applications, backend part of applications and sites, games and more. If you like working with data and being able to work in different companies — from banks to startups, this language is for you. It is used for development: Server Applications, Web Applications, Games, Software for working with Big Data
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JAVA CORE — 1,5 месяца
Get acquainted with the standard Java library, IDEA development environment and Java 8 innovations. Learn to write object-oriented console applications.

Topic 1: Introduction to Java
- Java history and description
- Java Development Kit (JDK)
- Development environment (IDEA)

Topic 2: Basic Syntax
• Primitive types and wrapper classes
• Control structures
• Arrays
• Strings

Topic 3: OOP in Java
• OOP basics
• Classes and interfaces in java
• Object class and its methods

Topic 4: Exceptions and Logging
• Hierarchy of exceptions
• Handling and Using Exceptions
• Logging

Topic 5: I / O Streams, Files, Serialization
• The File and Path Classes
• Streams of bytes
• Character streams
• Pattern decorator
• Serialization and deserialization

Topic 6: Parameterized types and collections
- Generics
- Wildcards
- Java Collections

Topic 7: Functional programming in Java
  • Functional interfaces
  • Lambda expression
  • Method reference
  • Stream API
Our mentor
  • Kim Kate
    Mentor Habsida
  • Alyona Kim
    Mentor Habsida
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