UX/UI Designer + Graphic Package
Learn how to create interface designs that will attract users and solve their problems. You can start a career in UX design.

The bonus is: From scratch you will get the desired profession at the junction of creativity and IT. Learn how to work in popular graphics editors – from Illustrator to Photoshop. Add posters, logos, packaging design and other powerful projects to your portfolio.
Course Plan
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Introduction to the profession of web designer, UX/UI
In this section you will learn:
  • Who is a web designer, UX/UI, graphic designer and what are the differences and peculiarities of work.
  • What tasks WEB and UX/UI designer solves.
  • In what programs works.
  • How the web design market is organized and why now the profession of designer is in such demand.

Familiarization with FIGMA.

In this section you will learn:
  • Installation and interface of the program.
  • Basic tools (learn to work with frames, simple shapes, add color, text).
  • Working with the pen. Vector graphics.
  • Masks, layers and cropping of pictures.
  • Modular grids and style libraries.
  • Components (how to create components and use the settings panel).
  • Auto Layout.
  • Shortcuts.
  • Working with plugins.
  • First screen of the site

You will create your first website screen based on the knowledge gained.
Our mentor
  • Alyona Tegay
    Graphic designer, blogger, YouTuber
  • Alex
    Mentor Habsida
  • Kevin
    CEO @dotBRANDS
    Award winning designer
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