Reskill program for Indian with higher education speaking conversational Korean and/or English
Are you a Computer Science Graduate?
Our Java courses will help you find a job in South Korea
by providing 6-month
reskill program
"I was a SC graduate from US/Korea, worked in banking industry turned developer" — Kate
"I was a dev in Uzbekistan and Habsida helped me to relocate and get a job in Korea" — Igor
"I am from Ukraine and worked as mermaid in aquarium turned to developer" — Olena
Lack of developers is a big problem in South Korea
(Information for the first half of 2022)
15 000
Unfilled software developer vacancies
$1500+ / month
Average salary for Junior developer
6 months
Habsida courses are enough to get a Junior developer job
Foreigners with higher education speaking conversational Korean and/or English
You will learn to code (you will learn that developers do not need to be perfect in math), to think critically and be able to code in the most popular coding language.
K-culture lovers
K-dramas, K-pop, K-beauty, K-food (including k-imchi) waiting for you to experience and discover further.
Those who have been living in Korea for a while and feeling stuck
Thinking of dropping everything and going back to your homecountry? Changing a lot of jobs and still looking for a real career you can pursue for the rest of your life?
Let's HABSIDA it.
Well, let's do it.
6-month reskilling education program:
Intensive studies Java + JS
Language crush course
Corporate culture
You will master the necessary knowledge in 6-8 months of intensive studies under the mentor's supervision. We provide information about the Korean job market and, more importantly, Korean corporate culture. We will also give you a Korean language crush course so you can impress everybody with your perfect greetings! ("Annyonghaseyo")
Real-life project
Third month:
We will give you a real-life Korean project. Korean projects for your portfolio
Interview Preparation
Interview preparation stage - you will be very closely guided, so you can land the best job!
Learn now, pay later
Study for free, pay only after you get hired.
17% of monthly salary for 2 years
With our ISA (income share agreement) business model you start paying only after you have secured a job - 17% of your monthly salary for the first 2 years.
About Habsida
Habsida —
the first cross-border coding school in South Korea
We cooperate with Korean companies and startups
We work together with KATA Academy
We teach the stack you will need
How do we know that you will get hired?
We provide relevant knowledge
We help you get the skills you need here and now. All speakers are practicing specialists, whose knowledge is in demand on the market.
Strong network
We will guide you the whole way — from the moment you contact us to your first day of work
Connect with Korean startups
We cooperate with Korean companies and startups hiring foreigners
We partner with SMEs and startups
We cooperate with Korean companies and startups hiring foreigners
Korean language
We cooperate with Korean companies and startups hiring foreigners
Why Korea?
Innovation leader
South Korea is famous for its innovations in various fields. In 2021, the country yet again ranked in the TOP 5 world economies in terms of innovation and digital development (out of 132 countries).
IT infrastructure
South Korea is leading Asia (while being the world's #2 after Denmark) in terms of IT infrastructure with its internet speed, cybersecurity and use of digital technologies.
I don't speak Korean
I am not in Korea
OK. Training takes place entirely online.
Do I need to relocate to Korea?
It will depend on you and Korean company that you will be having interview with. Both remote work and relocation can be possible depends on the companies. However, it is also common to have a remote probation period before relocation. In case of remote work, Habsida will be providing the workspace.
Do I need to have a specialized education
Yes, you need to be a CS graduate in order to obtain a working visa (only for relocation).
Let's HABSIDA it.
Well, let's do it.
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