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Meet our partners — Marvrus

“Can you speak Korean?” - This is one of the most terrifying questions for many foreigners going through a job interview.

Yes, IT is one of few career paths in Korea that you can build without speaking Korean. And yes, the majority of our graduates do not speak Korean. Having said that, knowing Korean is a huge plus. It makes not only the job hunting process, but also the integration into a new team much much easier.

We are giving our students and graduates the opportunity to increase their Korean skills by introducing our new partner - Say Speaking. With 35,000+ clients to date, they are leading the Korean language education market. Say Speaking has been recently acquired by Marvrus - an edutech company engaged in AR/VR content. Congratulations!

This partnership will allow our students and graduates to receive individually tailored Korean language courses by highly profecient Korean tutors at special terms with lower prices. Say Speaking education focuses on pronunciation and speaking ability, which is exactly what we need! And this is another reason to join Habsida program - we continue to make job searching in Korea easier.

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