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Meet one of HABSIDA’s partners!

The.Wave.Talk is a bio startup engaged in development of bacteria and turbidity sensors based on the completely new approach that came out of KAIST as the side effect of some experiment. Founded by a world-famous KAIST professor and serial entrepreneur, it has introduced its products to various spheres of industry, from smart home to medical diagnostics. Recently The.Wave.Talk has launched an app that allows to check water quality not only using smart home devices, but also tracking changes and monitoring the situation around the person using it.

Habsida is proud to have signed a MOU with The.Wave.Talk to provide our graduates to such a groundbreaking company.

Also, The.Wave.Talk is running a successful crowd funding campaign for their new portable water quality checking device. Support them at - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/watalk/watalk-test-your-water-anytime-anywhere

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